swMATH ID: 12026
Software Authors: T. Nguyen, W. Shi, D. Ruden
Description: CloudAligner: a fast and full-featured MapReduce based tool for sequence mapping. Results: To urge the trend of using Cloud technologies in genomics and prepare for advances in second- and third-generation DNA sequencing, we have built a Hadoop MapReduce-based application, CloudAligner, which achieves higher performance, covers most primary features, is more accurate, and has a user-friendly interface. It was also designed to be able to deal with long sequences. The performance gain of CloudAligner over Cloud-based counterparts (35 to 80
Homepage: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1756-0500/4/171
Related Software: Crossbow; Probalign; k-means++; Jnomics; T-coffee; Kalign; MUSCLE; CloudBurst; Seal; FX; Eoulsan; Hadoop-BAM; SeqWare; GATK; MrsRF; SOAP3; ClustalW; DIALIGN; ProbCons; CloudBLAST
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