VGStudio MAX

swMATH ID: 12029
Software Authors: VolumeGraphicsGmbH
Description: VGStudio MAX is the high-end software from the Volume Graphics range of products for the visualization and analysis of CT data. In combination with the optional add-on modules Coordinate Measurement, Nominal/Actual Comparison, Porosity/Inclusion Analysis, Wall Thickness Analysis, Fiber Composite Material Analysis, and CAD Import (with PMI), VGStudio MAX has become a virtual standard for industrial voxel data analysis. VGStudio MAX provides unique functionality for precise and fast analysis of voxel data. The Coordinate Measurement Module, for example, provides a highly accurate local surface determination feature achieving measuring accuracies of up to 1/10th of the voxel size. It is only with this surface determination on the basis of voxels that a precise comparison of actual voxel data and nominal CAD data becomes possible. The unique possibility to simultaneously display and analyze volume and polygon data eliminates the need to perform a time-consuming and loss-prone conversion of volume data into surface data before a comparison can be made. The possibility to process macros in batch mode and to create animations and surface models completes the functionalities of VGStudio MAX.
Homepage: http://www.volumegraphics.com/products/vgstudio-max/basic-functionality/
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