swMATH ID: 12038
Software Authors: Anand S, Pasareanu CS, Visser W
Description: JPF-SE: a symbolic execution extension to Java pathfinder. We present JPF–SE, an extension to the Java PathFinder Model Checking framework (JPF) that enables the symbolic execution of Java programs. JPF–SE uses JPF to generate and explore symbolic execution paths and it uses off-the-shelf decision procedures to manipulate numeric constraints.
Homepage: http://javapathfinder.sourceforge.net/extensions/symbc/doc/
Dependencies: Java pathfinder
Related Software: Java PathFinder; DART; CUTE; Korat; SLAM; BLAST; STP; Symstra; YOGI; jCUTE; KLEE; SpecExplorer; CESAR; Bandera; Pex; PathCrawler; veriSoft; DynAlloy; CBMC; LLBMC
Cited in: 6 Publications

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