swMATH ID: 12068
Software Authors: Lanza, S. T.; Collins, L. M.; Lemmon, D. R.; Schafer, J. L.
Description: SAS Procedures for Latent Class Analysis & Latent Transition Analysis. PROC LCA and PROC LTA are SAS procedures for latent class analysis (LCA) and latent transition analysis (LTA) developed by the Methodology Center. These straightforward procedures make it possible to pre-process data, fit a variety of latent class and latent transition models, and post-process the results without leaving the SAS environment. Compatible with SAS version 9.1 or higher. PROC LCA is intended for individual installations and is not tested for server installations of SAS. Features include: simple model specification, ...
Homepage: http://methodology.psu.edu/downloads/proclcalta
Dependencies: SAS
Related Software: Latent GOLD; SAS; LEM; poLCA; Mplus
Referenced in: 4 Publications

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