swMATH ID: 12088
Software Authors: Bueno, F., Cabeza, D., Carro, M., Hermenegildo, M., López-García, P., Puebla, G.
Description: The Ciao System. Ciao is a general-purpose programming language which supports logic, constraint, functional, higher-order, and object-oriented programming styles. Its main design objectives are high expressive power, extensibility, safety, reliability, and efficient execution.
Homepage: http://ciao-lang.org/
Related Software: CiaoPP; SICStus; Mercury; XSB; ECCE; z3; RAHFT; Why3; WhyML; VeriMAP; SeaHorn; SWI-Prolog; Prolog; HSF; YAP-Prolog; Coq; FPROLOG; FRIL; ACE; BoogiePL
Cited in: 52 Documents

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