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Software Authors: symbolics
Description: Macsyma is a general purpose symbolic-numerical-graphical mathematics software product. Computer algebra system (CAS). You can use it to solve simple problems specified by one-line commands (such as finding the indefinite integral of a function), or to perform very complicated computations by means of a large Macsyma program. Macsyma offers: symbolic and numeric manipulation and solution capabilities in algebra, calculus and numerical analysis 2D and 3D report-quality graphics interactive scientific notebooks a user programming environment.
Homepage: http://www.symbolics-dks.com/Macsyma-1.htm
Related Software: Maple; Mathematica; REDUCE; HIROTA.MAX; ATFM; Matlab; RATH; AXIOM; DERIVE; ALTRAN; SYMMGRP; IBM Scratchpad; LIE0; SYMMGRP.MAX; Maxima; FINGER; R; PDESpecialSolutions; PDEtools; LISP
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