swMATH ID: 12105
Software Authors: Cytel
Description: LogXact® 11: Exact Inference for Logistic Regression. The complexity of conducting regression analysis over multiple covariates is well-documented. The challenge only intensifies when coupled with small sample sizes or missing data sets. LogXact aims to provide simple and accurate solutions for such difficulties. LogXact can handle many varieties of response data including continuous and binary, polytonomous, count, and missing data. Users of the software can be confident of in their results derived from LogXact’s advanced regression techniques.
Homepage: http://www.cytel.com/software-solutions/logxact
Related Software: Stata; SAS; R; StatXact; SAS/STAT; S-PLUS; vcd; Hmisc; CODA; elrm; multtest; modeltools; exactRankTests; maxstat; mvtnorm; e1071; coin; MICE; ice; IVEware
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