swMATH ID: 12115
Software Authors: J.O. Hallquist
Description: Nike2D: an implicit, finite deformation, finite element code for analyzing the static and dynamic response of two-dimensional solids. A user’s manual is presented for NIKE2D along with a brief description of the implicit algorithm. Sample applications are presented including the simulation of the necking of a unaxial tension specimen, a static analysis of an O-ring, and a cylindrical bar impacting a rigid wall. NIKE2D is an implicit, finite-deformation, large strain, finite-element code for analyzing the response of two-dimensional axisymmetric and plane strain solids. A variety of loading conditions can be handled including traction boundary conditions, displacement boundary conditions, concentrate nodel point loads, body force loads due to base accelerations, and body force loads due to spinning. Slide-lines with interface friction are available. Elastic, orthotropic, elastic-plastic, soil and crushable foam, thermo-elastic-plastic, and linear viscoelastic material models are implemented. Nearly incompressible behavior that arises in plasticity problems and elasticity problems with Poisson’s ratio approaching 0.5 is accounted for in the element formulation to preclude mesh lock-ups and the associated anomalous stress states. Variable node elements are used for the spatial discretization, and profile (bandwidth) minimization is optional.
Homepage: http://www.osti.gov/scitech/biblio/6208469
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