swMATH ID: 12119
Software Authors: Riverso, S., Battocchio, A., amp; Ferrari-Trecate, G.
Description: PnPMPC: a toolbox for MatLab. The PnPMPC toolbox is a GNU-licensed MatLab toolbox for the modeling of constrained Large Scale Systems (LSS) with linear time-invariant dynamics, for the implementation of the Plug-and-Play (PnP) decentralized and distributed Model Predictive Control (MPC) and PnP state estimation. The PnPMPC toolbox offers also several functionalities for handling zonotopes set and for computing invariant sets
Homepage: http://sisdin.unipv.it/pnpmpc/pnpmpc.php
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: ALADIN; VIATOC; DISROPT; GRAMPC; pybind11; acados; GitHub; Python; ACADO; Matlab; Qhull; Control System Toolbox; LMI toolbox; MOBY-DIC; MPT
Cited in: 6 Documents

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