swMATH ID: 12122
Software Authors: T. Kohonen, J. Hynninen, J. Kangas, J. Laaksonen, K. Torkkola
Description: LVQ PAK: the learning vector quantization program package. An overview of the software package LVQPAK, which has been developed for convenient and effective application of learning vector quantization algorithms, is presented. Two new features are included: fast conflict-free initial distribution of codebook vectors into the class zones and the optimized-learning-rate algorithm OLVQ1.
Homepage: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/287101
Related Software: UCI-ml; PRMLT; SVMlight; SOM_PAK; ExPASy; ElemStatLearn; FastICA; rpart; KernSmooth; Torch; C4.5; CEDAR; PRTools
Cited in: 22 Documents

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