swMATH ID: 12154
Software Authors: Gross, Elizabeth; Petrović; Verschelde, Jan
Description: Interfacing with PHCpack. This Macaulay2 package provides an interface to PHCpack, a general-purpose polynomial system solver that uses homotopy continuation. The main method is a numerical blackbox solver which is implemented for all Laurent systems. The package also provides a fast mixed volume computation, the ability to filter solutions, homotopy path tracking, and a numerical irreducible decomposition method. As the size of many problems in applied algebraic geometry often surpasses the capabilities of symbolic software, this package will be of interest to those working on problems involving large polynomial systems.
Homepage: http://www2.macaulay2.com/Macaulay2/doc/Macaulay2-1.12/share/doc/Macaulay2/PHCpack/html/
Dependencies: Macaulay2
Related Software: PHCpack; Macaulay2; QEPCAD; MixedVol; DISCOVERER; DecomposableSparseSystems; libtropicana; MonodromySolver; alphaCertified; SVDquartets; SageMath; Magma
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