swMATH ID: 12185
Software Authors: D. Valerio, J.S. da Costa
Description: Ninteger: a non-integer control toolbox for Matlab. This toolbox implements non-integer controllers both in the frequency and the discrete time domains. Over thirty formulas are available for approximating a non-integer order derivative on-line. Structures such as non-integer PIDs are directly available and second and third-generation CRONE controllers may be reckoned. There are functions for finding norms, identifying models and plotting frequency diagrams. A graphical interface allows choosing parameters interactively and checking what the performance will be. The toolbox also includes a Simulink library. Its code may be freely distributed and altered provided that the source of the code is acknowledged and this warning is kept in all further copies and/or alterations.
Homepage: http://web.ist.utl.pt/duarte.valerio/ninteger/ninteger.htm
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: CRONE; Matlab; FOMCON; DFOC; sysdfod; ma2dfc; FOTF Toolbox; ML; Mittag-Leffler; FIT; Fractional Order Chaotic Systems; FSST; FOPID; ora_foc; fderiv; LMI toolbox; YALMIP; FODE; Simulink; FLOreS
Cited in: 31 Publications

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