swMATH ID: 12294
Software Authors: S. W. Walker
Description: FELICITY: Finite Element Implementation and Computational Interface Tool for You. This is a MATLAB/C++ code for solving PDEs that are discretized by a finite element method on unstructured simplex grids. It uses a Domain-Specific-Language (DSL) to help streamline implementation of FE discretizations (e.g. matrix assembly) by automatic code generation. The resultant sparse matrices can be manipulated by MATLAB for ease in solving a PDE on a triangular (or tetrahedral) mesh.
Homepage: https://epubs.siam.org/doi/10.1137/17M1128745
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: Matlab; FEniCS; Matlab-RBF-Toolbox; GitHub; BEMLIB; AHF; femat_sparse; Vega; GRINS; SfePy; na14; LifeV; oomph-lib; MFEM; MILAMIN; libMesh; Feel++; Armadillo; Getfem++; DOLFIN
Cited in: 22 Publications

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