swMATH ID: 12327
Software Authors: Pedro Quaresma
Description: TGTP - Thousand of Geometric problems for geometric Theorem Provers. The principal motivation in building TGTP (Thousands of Geometric problems for geometric Theorem Provers) is to support the testing and evaluation of geometric automated theorem proving (GATP) systems, to help ensure that performance results accurately reflect the capabilities of the GATP system being considered.
Homepage: http://hilbert.mat.uc.pt/TGTP/index.php
Related Software: GeoThms; Intergeo; GeoGebra; GCLC; GCLCprover; Cinderella; GATP; Opengeo; GEX; JGEX; Electronic Geometry Textbook; GeoProof; TPTP; GEOTHER 1.1; ArgoCLP; SMT-LIB; SATLIB; OpenGeoProver; ArgoTriCS; WGL
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