swMATH ID: 12336
Software Authors: Ventana Systems, Inc
Description: Vensim is simulation software for improving the performance of real systems. Vensim is used for developing, analyzing, and packaging dynamic feedback models. We emphasize: High quality, with dimensional consistency and Reality Checks™. Connections to data and sophisticated calibration methods. Instant output with continuous simulation in SyntheSim. Flexible model publication. Model analysis, including optimization and Monte Carlo simulation
Homepage: http://vensim.com/vensim-software/
Related Software: DYNAMO; MINITAB; Insight Maker; StellaR; Simlin; StochSD; SDEverywhere; excels2vensim; PySD; Stella; Python; GAMA; NetLogo; SoftwareX; Ocelet; Fuzzy Logic Toolbox; Matlab
Cited in: 13 Publications
Further Publications: http://vensim.com/literature/

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