swMATH ID: 12339
Software Authors: Thomas Wolf; W. Neun
Description: Demonstration of the REDUCE Package ConLaw for Investigating Conservation Laws of Partial Differential Equations and First Integrals of Ordinary Differential Equations.
Homepage: http://lie.math.brocku.ca/ConLaw_demo.html
Dependencies: REDUCE
Related Software: ApplySym; GeM; CRACK; LIEPDE; Maple; SYMMGRP; TransPDEDensityFlux; DDEDensityFlux; PDERecursionOperator; DifferentialGeometry; FDCD; Vessiot; CONDENS; Rif; InvariantsSymmetries; REDUCE; Mathematica; CONSLAW; DESOLV; LIE
Cited in: 16 Documents

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