swMATH ID: 12422
Software Authors: Francois Laroussinie; Kim G. Larsen
Description: CMC: A Tool for Compositional Model-Checking of Real-Time Systems. In this paper we present a tool (CMC) for compositional model-checking of real-time systems. CMC is based on a completely different method compared to existing real-time verification tools (HYTECH, KRONOS, UPPAAL). After a description of the method, we illustrate its efficiency by considering two examples: the Fischer’s mutual exclusion protocol and a railroad crossing system.
Homepage: http://rd.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-0-387-35394-4_27
Related Software: Uppaal; Kronos; HyTech; TINA; Romeo; IF-2.0; UPPAAL TIGA; REDLIB; Synthia; fc2tools; CAESAR_SOLVE; Exp.Open; CADP; PetriNets; TAPAAL; PESTS; MuDiv; GitHub; libFAUDES; TCT
Cited in: 31 Publications

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