swMATH ID: 12563
Software Authors: I. Abalakin, A. Gorobets, T. Kozubskaya, D. Kolmogorov, A. Duben, I. Borovskaya
Description: Parallel research code NOISEtte for large-scale CFD and CAA simulations. Explicit high-order algorithms for unstructured 2D (triangular) and 3D (tetrahedral) meshes. DNS of compressible viscous flows and aeroacoustics (DNC, NLDE). High efficiency on thousands of CPUs of a supercomputer even for small meshes. Hybrid MPI+OpenMP parallelization. Language: computational part - Fortran 90, infrastructure - C++
Homepage: http://gorobets.imamod.ru/?page=22
Related Software: Spalart-Allmaras; Nesvetay; SMILE; FlowModellium; MONACO; MPI; OpenCL; CUDA; QHDFoam; AUSM; RODAS; RKC; Gmsh; EDGE; US3D; dsmcFoam; HLLE; LOGOS; Python; Alya
Cited in: 25 Publications

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