swMATH ID: 12576
Software Authors: Xiaoyu Chen
Description: GeoText is an intelligent dynamic software system in the form of an electronic textbook that allows the user to create, maintain, and manage knowledge elements in plane Euclidean geometry. The textbook is dynamic in the sense that its structure and contents can be updated in real time and is intelligent in the sense that content management and knowledge processing may be automated. Supported by a structured and formalized knowledge base, having a geometric theorem prover(GEOTHER) and a dynamic diagram generator (GeoDraw) integrated, with an interface to a dynamic mathematics software package (GeoGebra), GeoText is capable of presenting structured textbook contents as electronic textbooks (in English or Chinese), checking the consistency of the presentation structure and the redundancy and completeness of textbook contents, discovering relations among geometric knowledge data, proving geometric theorems, and generating dynamic diagrams for configurations in textbooks, automatically in most cases.
Homepage: http://geo.cc4cm.org/text/
Related Software: GEOTHER 1.1; TGTP; Intergeo; GeoGebra; arXMLiv; Electronic Geometry Textbook; GeoThms; GCLCprover; DLMF; GCLC; ActiveMath; Opengeo; JSXGraph
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