swMATH ID: 12578
Software Authors: Cohen, A., Cuypers, H., Poels, K., Spanbroek, M., Verrijzer, R.
Description: For creating and editing interactive multilingual mathematics exercises RIACA developed the editor WExEd - WebALT Exercise Editor. Exercises created with WExEd can be automatically translated to various natural languages because the source code of the exercise entries consist only of OpenMath expressions. To realize this, both the Natural Language Generator and the TextMathEditor are integrated with WExEd. Moreover, exercises created with WExEd are highly interactive; the exercises can be multistep, allow for random input variables and offer the possibility to check and interpret the student’s answer with the help of computational services like a Computer Algebra System (CAS) such as Mathematica or Maple. With random variables, a student can solve multiple instances of the same exercise. Because of the capability of reading and understanding the student’s answer, WExEd can prompt the student with a following exercise or task depending on the student’s answer. The student can therefore be guided through the various steps of the exercise.
Homepage: http://mathdox.org/new-web/projects/webalt.html#wexed
Related Software: YACC; LKB; GF; LeActiveMath; MathDox
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