swMATH ID: 12659
Software Authors: David J. Lange
Description: The EvtGen particle decay simulation package. With several new B-physics experiments now taking data, the physics of B-meson decays will be studied in greater detail than previously possible. It is important to have a simulation of the underlying physics processes that is able to accurately describe this data. The EvtGen package provides a framework for the implementation of physics processes relevant to decays of B mesons and other resonances. Models of time dependent CP asymmetries in neutral B meson decays, semileptonic form-factor models, and a full decay table for B decays are a few of the implemented features.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168900201000894
Related Software: GEANT4; RooFit; RapidSim; HAMMER; HistFactory; RooHammerModel; PHOTOS; ROOT; Belle; Belle II; B2BII; AcerMC; MC@NLO; ALPGEN; PYTHIA8; POWHEG BOX; HERWIG 5.1
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