swMATH ID: 12662
Software Authors: Angelika Wiegele
Description: Biq Mac Library - Binary quadratic and Max cut Library. This site offers a collection of Max-Cut instances and quadratic 0-1 programming problems of medium size. Most of the instances were collected while developing Biq Mac, an SDP based Branch & Bound code (see [RRW07] or [Wie06]). The dimension of the problems (i.e., number of variables or number of vertices in the graph) ranges from 20 to 500. The instances are mainly ment to be used for testing exact solution methods for quadratic 0-1 programming or Max-Cut problems.
Homepage: http://www.biqmac.uni-klu.ac.at/biqmaclib.html
Related Software: Biq Mac; Rudy; BiqCrunch; SDPNAL+; MADAM; DIMACS; SDPLR; SCIP; Gurobi; CPLEX; SDPT3; SeDuMi; LBFGS-B; BiqBin; Mosek; QAPLIB; OR-Library; CSDP; SDPA; LAPACK
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