swMATH ID: 12664
Software Authors: Hogg, J.D., Scott, J.A.
Description: HSL_MA97 Sparse symmetric system using OpenMP. HSL_MA97 uses a direct method to solve large sparse symmetric linear systems of equations AX=B. This package optionally uses OpenMP and is designed to achieve bit-compatible results regardless of the number of threads used. ..
Homepage: http://www.hsl.rl.ac.uk/catalogue/hsl_ma97.html
Related Software: SparseMatrix; MA57; HSL; WSMP; MUMPS; PARDISO; METIS; HSL_MI28; HSL_MA77; HSL_MA87; CUTEst; SYM-ILDL; SSIDS; CSparse; AMD; LSMR; LSQR; SuiteSparseQR; CHOLMOD; GALAHAD
Referenced in: 20 Publications

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