swMATH ID: 12729
Software Authors: N. Li; S. Laizet
Description: The 2DECOMP&FFT library is a software framework in Fortran to build large-scale parallel applications. It is designed for applications using three-dimensional structured mesh and spatially implicit numerical algorithms. At the foundation it implements a general-purpose 2D pencil decomposition for data distribution on distributed-memory platforms. On top it provides a highly scalable and efficient interface to perform three-dimensional distributed FFTs. The library is optimised for supercomputers and scales well to hundreds of thousands of cores. It relies on MPI but provides a user-friendly programming interface that hides communication details from application developers.
Homepage: http://www.2decomp.org/
Related Software: FFTW; PFFT; P3DFFT; incompact3d; CaNS; AFiD; PETSc; DINOSOARS; GitHub; HOLOMAC; HERCULES; Fluid flow phenomena; CUDA; AccFFT; PoisFFT; pyJac; Nek5000; CHEMKIN; NFFT; PNFFT
Cited in: 23 Publications

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