swMATH ID: 12791
Software Authors: Hauser, J.
Description: Berkeley SoftFloat is a free, high-quality software implementation of binary floating-point that conforms to the IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic. SoftFloat is completely faithful to the IEEE Standard, while at the same time being relatively fast. All functions dictated by the original 1985 version of the standard are supported except for conversions to and from decimal. SoftFloat fully implements four floating-point formats: 32-bit single-precision, 64-bit double-precision, 80-bit double-extended-precision, and 128-bit quadruple-precision. All required rounding modes, exception flags, and special values are supported. The latest release of SoftFloat also implements fused multiply-add for all formats except 80-bit double-extended-precision. SoftFloat is distributed in the form of ISO/ANSI C source code and should be compilable with almost any ISO-compliant C compiler. Using the GNU C Compiler (gcc), the package has been compiled and tested for several platforms. Target-specific code is provided for various Intel x86 processors. Other machines can be targeted using these as examples. The latest Release 3 of SoftFloat depends on the existence of a 64-bit integer type in C. If the C compiler used to compile SoftFloat does not support 64-bit integers, it is still possible to use the older Release 2c to implement the two most common formats, 32-bit single-precision and 64-bit double-precision, but not the larger formats.
Homepage: http://www.jhauser.us/arithmetic/SoftFloat.html
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