swMATH ID: 12796
Software Authors: Csallner, Christoph and Smaragdakis, Yannis
Description: JCrasher: an Automatic Robustness Tester for Java. JCrasher is an automatic robustness testing tool for Java code. JCrasher examines the type information of a set of Java classes and constructs code fragments that will create instances of different types to test the behavior of public methods under random data. JCrasher attempts to detect bugs by causing the program under test to ”crash”–to throw an undeclared runtime exception. Although in general the random testing approach has many limitations, it also has the advantage of being completely automatic: no supervision is required except for online inspection of the test cases that have caused a crash. Compared to other similar commercial and research tools, JCrasher offers several novelties: ...
Homepage: http://ranger.uta.edu/~csallner/jcrasher/
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Cited in: 6 Publications

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