swMATH ID: 12800
Software Authors: Bermúdez, Alfredo; Gómez, Dolores; Salgado, Pilar
Description: MAXFEM is a package of open software to solve electromagnetic problems in a numerical way by using the finite element method. The package brings together under a single interface modules or applications that can address problems in electrostatics, current, and eddy-currents, magnetostatics in two and/or three dimensions and in cartesian coordinates and/or cylindrical. The user can make internal changes to adapt both the interface and spreadsheet programs that contain your needs. Moreover, thanks to the modular structure of the interface is the possibility of incorporating other problems (eg, thermal coupled electromagnetic). Under the GPL, anyone can include your own application and redistribute the software.
Homepage: http://www.usc.es/en/proxectos/maxfem/description.html
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Referenced in: 13 Publications

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