swMATH ID: 12832
Software Authors: Meffert K, Rotstan N, Knowles C, Sangiorgi UB
Description: JGAP - Java genetic algorithms and genetic programming package. JGAP (pronounced ”jay-gap”) is a Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming component provided as a Java framework. It provides basic genetic mechanisms that can be easily used to apply evolutionary principles to problem solutions. See the examples for a demonstration or watch out the graphical tree that can be created with JGAP for found solutions of genetically evolved programs. A Genetic Algorithm is a powerful means to solve problems with a huge solution space having limited time and CPU power. JGAP was designed to be very easy to use ”out of the box”, while also designed to be highly modular so that more adventurous users can easily plug-in custom genetic operators like mutation or crossing over and other sub-components.
Homepage: http://jgap.sourceforge.net/
Related Software: WEKA; ETCAL; frontier; HypE; ECJ; EOlib; PSPLIB; Java-ML
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