swMATH ID: 12864
Software Authors: M. Drohmann, B. Haasdonk, S. Kaulmann, M. Ohlberger
Description: RBmatlab is a MATLAB© library providing routines for the solution of numerical schemes based on partial differential equations. The library consists of three main modules: (M1) Discretization methods implementing grid-based discretization operators of partial differential equations. (M2) Reduced basis generation routines providing a collection of algorithms and data structures which can be used to generate, store and post-process reduced basis spaces. (M3) Implementations of reduced models providing efficient reduced simulation routines for specific problem classes, such as: Linear evolution equations, Non-linear evolution equations, Linear stationary PDEs. ..
Homepage: http://wwwmath.uni-muenster.de/num/Vorlesungen/Praktikum_RBmatlab_SS12/Dateien/docs/html/index.html
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: DUNE; rbMIT; libMesh; FEniCS; pyMOR; redbKIT; UMFPACK; dune-xt; PANG; CutFEM; Dune-UDG; Python; FEMPAR; p4est; Vc; ISTL; UG; Gmsh; Curvilinear Grid; DUNE-ALUGrid
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