swMATH ID: 12889
Software Authors: NAG
Description: Fastflo is a finite element package for the numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs) in one-, two- and three-dimensional regions. As a general PDE solver, fastflo’s main advantage is its flexibility in specifying models in two and three dimensions and algorithms to solve them. The PDEs can be well known (such as fluid flow, linear elasticity, heat conduction, electromagnetism, eigenvalue problems) or non-standard equations encountered in scientific or industrial applications. Users are free to specify what equation to solve, to design the algorithm used for the solution and to control the computations as desired. Fastflo is ideal for use in research laboratories where engineers, scientists or mathematicians need a PDE solver for daily use. Fastflo is also ideal for use in universities, both for research by graduate students and faculty, and as a teaching aide in advanced undergraduate classes on PDEs and their numerical solution. In fastflo, PDE problems are written in a high-level language, called Fasttalk. The package is presented to the user as a graphical user interface, but can also be considered as a finite element environment. Finite element operations like assembly and solving are invoked by simple commands. There is no need for time-consuming programming in languages like FORTRAN or C; indeed the underlying C code that is the basis of fastflo is not available to users. In Fasttalk, the problem description is concise and mathematically intuitive, still allowing as much detail as is needed. However, the files that specify a problem and the algorithm to solve it are freely available and can be shared with a team.
Homepage: http://www.nag.co.uk/simulation/Fastflo/fastflo.asp
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