swMATH ID: 12913
Software Authors: Behrmann, G., Cougnard, A., David, A., Fleury, E., Larsen, K.G., Lime, D.
Description: UPPAAL TIGA (Fig. 1) is an extension of UPPAAL [BDL04] and it implements the first efficient on-the-fly algorithm for solving games based on timed game automata with respect to reachability and safety properties. Though timed games for long have been known to be decidable there has until now been a lack of efficient and truly on-the-fly algorithms for their analysis. The algorithm we propose [CDFLL05] is a symbolic extension of the on-the-fly algorithm suggested by Liu & Smolka [LS98] for linear-time model-checking of finite-state systems. Being on-the-fly, the symbolic algorithm may terminate long before having explored the entire state-space. Also the individual steps of the algorithm are carried out efficiently by the use of so-called zones as the underlying data structure. Our tool implements various optimizations of the basic symbolic algorithm, as well as methods for obtaining time-optimal winning strategies (for reachability games).
Homepage: http://people.cs.aau.dk/~adavid/tiga/
Dependencies: Uppaal
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