swMATH ID: 12937
Software Authors: B. J. Bornstein, S. M. Keating, A. Jouraku, M. Hucka
Description: libSBML: An API library for SBML. Summary: LibSBML is an application programming interface library for reading, writing, manipulating and validating content expressed in the Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) format. It is written in ISO C and C++, provides language bindings for Common Lisp, Java, Python, Perl, MATLAB and Octave, and includes many features that facilitate adoption and use of both SBML and the library. Developers can embed libSBML in their applications, saving themselves the work of implementing their own SBML parsing, manipulation and validation software.
Homepage: http://sbml.org/Software/libSBML
Related Software: SimpleSBML; COPASI; BioNetGen; BioModels; Python; sbtoolbox; Antimony; PySB; StochKit2; CellML; SBMLsimulator; SemanticSBML; SBMLSim; SBML Test Suite; Sostools; Octave; Matlab; Sbmltoolbox; AMICI; PEtab
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