swMATH ID: 12955
Software Authors: Livne, Oren E.; Brandt, Achi E.
Description: MuST: the multilevel sinc transform. A fast multilevel algorithm (MuST) for evaluating an n-sample sinc interpolant at mn points is presented. For uniform grids, its complexity is 25mnlog(1/δ) flops for the sinc kernel and 75mnlog(1/δ) for the sincd kernel, where δ is the target evaluation accuracy. MuST is faster than fast Fourier transform- and fast multiple method-based evaluations for large n and/or for large δ. It is also applicable to nonuniform grids and to other kernels. Numerical experiments demonstrating the algorithm’s practicality are presented.
Homepage: http://epubs.siam.org/doi/ref/10.1137/100806904
Keywords: fast multilevel summation algorithm; integral transforms; signal processing; sinc interpolation; oscillatory kernels; fast Fourier transform (FFT); linear scaling; numerical experiments
Related Software: Chebfun; NFFT; ODE-IVP-PACK; Lightspeed
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MuST: the multilevel sinc transform. Zbl 1230.65146
Livne, Oren E.; Brandt, Achi E.

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