swMATH ID: 13023
Software Authors: Olaf Spinczyk, Daniel Lohmann, Matthias Urban
Description: The success of Aspect-Oriented Software Development rises and falls with user-friendly tool support. With AspectJ® ¹ the first complete and powerful language extension for AOP has been created. With the AspectC++ project we extend the AspectJ approach to C/C++. It is a set of C++ language extensions to facilitate aspect-oriented programming with C/C++. An implementation of an AspectC++ compiler is available for download from our download page. ¹ AspectJ is a trademark of Xerox Corporation.
Homepage: http://www.aspectc.org/
Related Software: AspectJ; FeatureC++; Jiazzi; Classbox/J; CaesarJ; VEST; Zoltar; Daikon; Cetus; IODINE; LARA; CPAchecker; SLAM; BLAST; Aspectual Caml; OCaml; CIL; Java-MOP; InterAspect; Tribe
Cited in: 10 Documents
Further Publications: http://www.aspectc.org/Publications.php

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