Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox

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Description: The Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox (GADS) extends the optimization capabilities in MATLAB® and the Optimization Toolbox with tools for using the genetic and direct search algorithms. You can use these algorithms for problems that are difficult to solve with traditional optimization techniques, including problems that are not well defined or are difficult to model mathematically. You can also use them when computation of the objective function is discontinuous, highly nonlinear, stochastic, or has unreliable or undefined derivatives. The Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox complements other optimization methods to help you find good starting points. You can then use traditional optimization techniques to refine your solution. Toolbox functions, which can be accessed through a graphical user interface (GUI) or the MATLAB command line, are written in the open MATLAB language. This means that you can inspect the algorithms, modify the source code, and create your own custom functions.
Homepage: ftp://ftp.gfz-potsdam.de/home/des/roth/GADS.pdf
Dependencies: Matlab
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