swMATH ID: 13057
Software Authors: Moscow State University; DP Kostomarov, FS Zaitsev, AG Shishkin
Description: ScopeShell System. The complex computer codes in fundamental sciences are usually developed for command-line execution without special graphical user interface (GUI). This allows the execution of codes under different OSes. Such approach is also explained by the necessity to use the powerful remote computers and by the permanent and quite fast progress of system software and hardware. Too close relationship between the code and the special plotting software leads to the reduction in the number of applicable computer systems. As a rule the code tuning for the chosen input data, the compilation and the start of execution are done manually. All users have to keep in mind the input data and executable codes file names, have to know the compilation and run details for the given computer. Also, since in most cases the runs are greatly time-consuming, the computations are performed on the supercomputers which are accessed remotely by the secure transfer protocols. The universal plotting software used for data visualization usually requires the specification of large number of options, the special, often not simple, input data format or even programming in some internal language. Such software is preferable if one needs to draw a single high-quality plot, but it is useless for monitoring the computations especially remote ones and for visualization of the very large number of functions.
Homepage: http://leader.ic.msu.su/~fusion/index.php?q=node/11
Related Software: Tokamak; Tadisys; Poisson Solver; Bolsig; gnuplot
Cited in: 3 Publications

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