swMATH ID: 13085
Software Authors: L. Antiga; D. Steinman, T
Description: The Vascular Modeling Toolkit. vmtk is a collection of libraries and tools for 3D reconstruction, geometric analysis, mesh generation and surface data analysis for image-based modeling of blood vessels.
Homepage: http://www.vmtk.org/index.html
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: JOSS; Journal Open Source Software; Vascular Modeling Toolkit; Python; Tubular Structures; Medical Images
Related Software: GitHub; hypre; Trilinos; Gmsh; Anderson; NumPy; OpenMPI; oneTBB; SuperLU; SuiteSparse; Scotch; ScaLAPACK; ParMETIS; OpenBLAS; NetCDF; MUMPS; METIS; HDF5; GLPK; FFTW
Cited in: 9 Publications

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