swMATH ID: 1312
Software Authors: May, Jonathan; Knight, Kevin
Description: Tiburon is a tree transducer package written by Jonathan May at USC/ISI. You may also be interested in Carmel, the very fine finite-state (string) transducer package written by Jonathan Graehl, which was the inspiration for Tiburone
Tiburon is designed to handle weighted regular tree grammars, context-free grammars, and both tree-to-tree and tree-to-string transducers, and can perform composition, intersection, application, determinization, inside/outside training, pruning, return k-most likely trees, Viterbi derivations, and other useful things.
Tiburon is written in java, and thus should be able to run on your machine. However, if you don’t have java, you should get it first (at least version 1.5 is required).
Homepage: http://www.isi.edu/licensed-sw/tiburon/
Related Software: Penn Treebank; OpenFst; MONA; Carmel; CADP; M-TREE; BISIMULATOR; mCRL2; PRISM; DRAGON; QUB; Forest FIRE; FIRE station; FSA; Timbuk; ELAN
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Tiburon: a weighted tree automata toolkit. Zbl 1160.68423
May, Jonathan; Knight, Kevin

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