swMATH ID: 1314
Software Authors: Pylons Project
Description: Pylons HQ is made up of a distinct collection of project leaders with expertise going as far back as the beginning of Python web frameworks. Collectively, our technical know-how and modesty have been achieved through the process of making irresponsible errors and decisions. So our aim is to bring fresh and innovative concepts to common web development problems. Instead of focusing on just one web framework, Pylons HQ will create a collection of associated technologies using the first package from the project which is the Pyramid web framework. With other packages being included in the collection over a period of time, including higher level applications and components, our hope is that we can develop the project into an ecosystem of well-documented, well-tested components with easy interoperation. Pylons Project is an open-source body saddled with the development of web application technologies coded in Python. Initially proposed to be a single web framework known as Pylons, the project has taken on the new name of Pyramid after a merger with repose.bfg framework with the Pylons Project now comprising of several related web application technologies
Homepage: http://pylonshq.com
Dependencies: Python
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