swMATH ID: 1321
Software Authors: Brigitte Pientka; Joshua Dunfield
Description: Our main interest in this project is to investigate programming and reasoning with data structures that provide support for binders. Many object languages include binding constructs, and it is striking that functional languages still lack direct support for binders and common tricky operations such as renaming, capture-avoiding substitution, and fresh name generation. We advocate the use of higher-order abstract syntax (HOAS) where we represent binders in the object language with binders in the meta-language. One of the key benefits is that we not only get support for renaming and fresh name generation, but also for capture-avoiding substitution. While HOAS encodings have played an important role in mechanizing the meta-theory of programming languages, it has been difficult to incorporate HOAS encodings directly into functional programming.
Homepage: http://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~complogic/beluga/
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