swMATH ID: 13218
Software Authors: Arnošt Komárek
Description: Package glmmAK: Generalized Linear Mixed Models. This package implements maximum-likelihood estimation in the logistic regression with both binary (logit model) and multinomial response (cumulative logit model), and in the Poisson regression (log-linear model). Secondly, Bayesian estimation based on MCMC in the logistic and Poisson regression model with random effects whose distribution is specified as a penalized normal mixture are implemented. The methodology is described and the package used in: KOMÁREK, A. and LESAFFRE, E. (2008). Generalized linear mixed model with a penalized Gaussian mixture as a random-effects distribution. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 52(7), 3441–3458,
Homepage: http://msekce.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~komarek/software.html
Dependencies: R
Related Software: R; lme4; MEMSS; S-PLUS; SemiPar; JAGS; GMRFLib; bootstrap; clustmixed; ASA047; AS 47; mixAK; MCMCglmm; glmmML; PRMLT; DPpackage; mixtools; MASS (R); glmmBUGS; icensBKL
Referenced in: 28 Publications

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