swMATH ID: 13227
Software Authors: T. Katagiri, K. Kise, H. Honda, T. Yuba
Description: ABCLibScript: A directive to support specification of an auto-tuning facility for numerical software. We describe the design and implementation of ABCLibScript, which is a directive that supports the addition of an auto-tuning facility. ABCLibScript limits the function of auto-tuning to numerical computations. For example, the block length adjustment for blocked algorithms, loop unrolling depth adjustment and algorithm selection are crucial functions. To establish these three particular functions, we make three kinds of instruction operators, variable, unroll, and select, respectively. As a result of performance evaluation, we showed that a non-expert user obtained a maximum speedup of 4.3 times by applying ABCLibScript to a program compared to a program without ABCLibScript.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167819105001390
Related Software: JDQZ; OSKI; SparseMatrix; FFTW; JDQR; ATLAS
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