swMATH ID: 13258
Software Authors: Jun Sun, Yang Liu , Jin Song Dong , Jun Pang
Description: PAT is a self-contained framework for to support composing, simulating and reasoning of concurrent, real-time systems and other possible domains. It comes with user friendly interfaces, featured model editor and animated simulator. Most importantly, PAT implements various model checking techniques catering for different properties such as deadlock-freeness, divergence-freeness, reachability, LTL properties with fairness assumptions, refinement checking and probabilistic model checking. To achieve good performance, advanced optimization techniques are implemented in PAT, e.g. partial order reduction, symmetry reduction, process counter abstraction, parallel model checking.
Homepage: http://pat.comp.nus.edu.sg/
Related Software: Uppaal; SPIN; ProB; Coq; PVS; NuSMV; ERA-PAT; z3; Isabelle; Circus; IMITATOR; GitHub; FDR3; CSP-prover; Z; P-Lingua; PTSC; Maude; LTSmin; Casper
Cited in: 33 Publications
Further Publications: http://pat.comp.nus.edu.sg/?page_id=2599

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