swMATH ID: 13278
Software Authors: von Kamp A, Schuster S
Description: Metatool 5.0: fast and flexible elementary modes analysis. Summary: Elementary modes analysis is a powerful tool in the constraint-based modeling of metabolic networks. In recent years, new approaches to calculating elementary modes in biochemical reaction networks have been developed. As a consequence, the program Metatool, which is one of the first programs dedicated to this purpose, has been reimplemented in order to make use of these new approaches. The performance of Metatool has been significantly increased and the new version 5.0 can now be run inside the GNU octave or Matlab environments to allow more flexible usage and integration with other tools.
Homepage: http://pinguin.biologie.uni-jena.de/bioinformatik/networks/index.html
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Cited in: 22 Publications

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