swMATH ID: 13280
Software Authors: Bartholomew, Michael; Lee, Joohyung
Description: System ASPMT2SMT: computing ASPMT theories by SMT solvers. Answer set programming modulo theories (ASPMT) is an approach to combining answer set programming and satisfiability modulo theories based on the functional stable model semantics. It is shown that the tight fragment of ASPMT programs can be turned into SMT instances, thereby allowing SMT solvers to compute stable models of ASPMT programs. In this paper we present a compiler called aspsmt2smt, which implements this translation. The system uses ASP grounder gringo and SMT solver z3. gringo partially grounds input programs while leaving some variables to be processed by z3. We demonstrate that the system can effectively handle real number computations for reasoning about continuous changes.
Homepage: http://reasoning.eas.asu.edu/aspmt/
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Cited in: 5 Publications

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