swMATH ID: 13282
Software Authors: Iancu, Mihnea; Jucovschi, Constantin; Kohlhase, Michael; Wiesing, Tom
Description: System description: MathHub.info. We present the MathHub.info system, a development environment for active mathematical documents and an archive for flexiformal mathematics. It offers a rich interface for reading, writing, and interacting with mathematical documents and knowledge. The core of the MathHub.info system is an archive for flexiformal mathematical documents and libraries in the OMDoc/MMT format. Content can be authored or archived in the source format of the respective system, is versioned in GIT repositories, and transformed into OMDoc/MMT for machine-support and further into HTML5 for reading and interaction.
Homepage: https://mathhub.info/
Related Software: MMT; OMDoc; HOL Light; Mizar; LATIN; PVS; Coq; QMT; HOL; Py4J; TGView3D; Jupyter; OpenDreamKit; Slick; DiscreteZOO; FindStat; LMFDB; OEIS; vis.js; HOLyHammer
Cited in: 9 Publications

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