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Software Authors: Picón, Rafael
Description: Analytical solutions of plane structures using Mathematica. We investigate the possibilities of using the program Mathematica to obtain analytical solutions for plane structures. Two typical applications are developed: plane frames with only bending deformations, and plane trusses. In an attempt to keep the number of unknowns as low as possible, we use indirect stiffness method and force method to formulate the first and the second problem, respectively. All the formulations are developed by making use of kernel and generalized inverse matrices, which are also used to characterize the solution of overdetermined systems of equations. Two programs (PlaneFrame and PlaneTruss) were written to solve the first and the second problem, and the listings of codes are given in the paper.
Homepage: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/1097-0207%2820010210%2950:4%3C969::AID-NME69%3E3.0.CO;2-1/pdf
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: plane frame; plane truss; listing of codes; program Mathematica; analytical solution; plane frames; plane trusses; indirect stiffness method; force method; kernel; generalized inverse matrices; overdetermined systems of equations
Related Software: PlaneTruss; Mathematica
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Analytical solutions of plane structures using Mathematica. Zbl 0981.74022
Picón, Rafael

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