swMATH ID: 13395
Software Authors: Jakub Šístek, Bedřich Sousedík, Jan Mandel
Description: The implementation is based on the Adaptive-Multilevel BDDC method, while reflecting some recent advancements in the field. Codes are written in Fortran 95 with MPI library. A library is provided, which is supposed to be called from users’ applications. The library provides a simple interface callable from Fortran and C. Some remarkable features of the solver include implementation of the adaptively generated weighted averages on faces on each level, robust face-based selection of corners, arbitrary number of levels of the multilevel method, or continuity of arithmetic averages among subdomains on all faces and edges.
Homepage: http://users.math.cas.cz/~sistek/software/bddcml.html
Dependencies: MUMPS, blopex, Metis
Related Software: BDDC; PETSc; MUMPS; METIS; PCBDDC; PARDISO; Trilinos; lobpcg.m; FEniCS; FreeFem++; Gmsh; BoomerAMG; ParMETIS; DOLFIN; CSparse; PSBLAS; LAPACK; PetIGA-MF; IETI; PetIGA
Referenced in: 41 Publications

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