swMATH ID: 13399
Software Authors: Mansfield, E.
Description: Indiff: a Maple package for over determined differential systems with Lie symmetry. The MAPLE package Indiff is now available. This is a set of functions designed to calculate reductions and compatibility conditions of systems of equations referred to a moving frame. The theory is discussed in ” Algorithms for symmetric differential systems”, J. Foundations of Comp. Math.,1 (2001) 335-383. The Short Manual contains installation instructions for UNIX, a guide to the procedures and three worked examples. There are two versions of the code, a readlib version and a version suitable for generic platforms (non readlib version, ie, maple just reads the file in whole, and you don’t use the with command). I currently have this working for Maple 9. The Maple worksheets for the examples in the manual are for invariant differentation, an over determined system, and a classification problem.
Homepage: https://www.kent.ac.uk/smsas/personal/elm2/
Dependencies: Maple
Related Software: RegularChains; MABSys; AIDA; DIFFALG; Maple; ExpandedLiePointSymmetry
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