swMATH ID: 13444
Software Authors: James W. Johnson; Eric H. Oelkers; Harold C. Helgeson
Description: SUPCRT92: A software package for calculating the standard molal thermodynamic properties of minerals, gases, aqueous species, and reactions from 1 to 5000 bar and 0 to 1000°C. Recent advances in theoretical geochemistry permit calculation of the standard molal thermodynamic properties of a wide variety of minerals, gases, aqueous species, and reactions from 1 to 5000 bar and 0 to 1000°C. The SUPCRT92 software package facilitates practical application of these recent theories, equations, and data to define equilibrium constraints on geochemical processes in a wide variety of geologic systems. The SUPCRT92 package is composed of three interactive FORTRAN 77 programs, SUPCRT92, MPRONS92, and CPRONS92, and a sequential-access thermodynamic database, SPRONS92.DAT. The SUPCRT92 program reads or permits user-generation of its two input files, CON and RXN, retrieves data from the direct-access equivalent of SPRONS92.DAT, calculates the standard molal Gibbs free energy, enthalpy, entropy, heat capacity, and volume of each reaction specified on the RXN file through a range of conditions specified on the CON file, and writes the calculated reaction properties to the output TAB file and, optionally, to PLT files that facilitate their graphical depiction. Calculations can be performed along the liquid side of the H2O vaporization boundary by specifying either temperature (T) or pressure (P), and in the single-phase regions of fluid H2O by specifying either T and P, T and H2O density, T and log K, or P and log K. SPRONS92.DAT, which contains standard molal thermodynamic properties at 25°C and 1 bar, equation-of-state parameters, heat capacity coefficients, and phase transition data for approximately 500 minerals, gases, and aqueous species, can be augmented or otherwise modified using MPRONS92, and converted to its direct-access equivalent using CPRONS92.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/009830049290029Q
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